4 comments on “The Battle of Bakkala

  1. Great looking game and write-up! Thank you for sharing. I’ve been dipping my toe into modern microarmor (typically play 1/72 WWII), would you be willing to share a few things about your table? 1. What do you use as the table-covering?
    2. How did you make/where did you obtain the great palm trees?
    3. Can you tell me more about your roads and farm-fields as well?
    4. Finally, could you describe how you make your buildings? (look like some are clay and some are maybe balsa-wood?)

    Thanks again for sharing. Great looking stuff!

    • Nate: The table covering is camouflage-style fabric that I found at a fabric store. The palm trees were found on eBay (where trees of all scales are available very cheap from China). The highway road and farm fields are from Hotz ArtWorks (http://www.hotzmats.com), while the secondary roads are pdfs printed on card from Toshach Miniatures. Some of the buildings are commercial, some were simply made from clay.

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