5 comments on “A Clash at Walddorf

  1. Two beautiful and impressive arrays, much eye-candy and a very enjoyable battle report; with an interesting campaign background: compliments and thanks for sharing!

  2. Great report. My favorite part: Truly the forests of Dunkelwald sprout not just mighty oak trees, but fearless men of iron too! Hurrah!

  3. A marvelous battle report, with a *lot* of eye-candy: Old School Wargaming at its best!

    Now -I just checked- some 7 months flowed by since the previous battle report: to help us waiting for the next AAR, could we hope for a detailed parade of the armies involved , each regiment presented in turn? Lützelhard looks very Austrian (with glamorous ‘Funckenian’ jaeger in light blue) and Dautenstein very Prussian; as for Zufluchtsort its forces seem to be strong in Bosniacs and Croats?

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